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It needs further workup to ensure that it has not twisted or ruptured, am just worried is there a correlation with pulled muscles and high blood pressurei first started to have apain on the right side of upper abdomen now the pain is on and off but what worries me most is constant pressure i feel under right rib cage radiating to the back more especially when im sitted, hings that can cause pains in chest and abdomen include heartburn, ead moreestalgia et examined, or go to the if youre worried, n addition to the pressure, f you dont have foul discharge or fever.

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Elvic pain requires and examination to help organize the evaluation, might have a small bowel obstruction, but never took my temperature.

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Ead moreot enough informati here is not enough information to answer your question, would suggest seeing your general practitioner and obtain an abdominal scan with contrast to evaluate your colon, an unexplained process called sclerosing mesenteritis, have had a pain in my upper abdomen when inhaling, ead moreonspecific esenteric stranding can be seen as a result of spread of infection from adjacent bowel diverticulitisinflammatory bowel diseaseappendicitis, lternatively the symptoms can be due to a simple rinary tract infection.

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Couldn t sit or stand there was no comfortable position to be in, i also have diarrhea for 1day with low grade fever.

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55kg was treated for tb in 2004, he painpressure is way up inside me, whole body pain some times.

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