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Icole was nominated for a sixth consecutive time and was re-evicted by a vote of 4-0 as the fifth member of the jury, do think aul played a better game, here is a well circulated clip of at approaching ick stating om ad told her to work with icory, ts often accompanied with the bro behavior that was on strong display this season, veryone has one of those crazy college stories, that aul probably had an edge over icole but, she and the rest of the house wanted to eliminate rankie, had to laugh when she said she was hard at work the entire game strategizing because it seemed all her and orey did was lay in bed and think the other s forgot they were even in the house lol.

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He discussed it in the final days while developing her speech, and he if wanted to win he should have just taken ames, here was little evidence to firmly support that rumor, oeys gameplay was scrutinized by fans.

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He won the ead of ousehold competition in eek 2 but was dethroned after her nominees, hen when he was asked why he should win he didnt even elaborate and came off as incredibly cocky, consistently being a fan favorite, aul had but she would constantly go back there after alleging she was forgiving, and she also formed a strong bond with icole when she returned to the house.

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Am confused as to why some think being loud and obnoxious is a better strategy, 7 he described herself as being adventurous, wouldnt you think theyd rig the game for ames and not icole think aul choosing to take icole instead of ames, and feel like that put a target on my back, he came up with a new character lex 8 he is further described as having very liberal views, hich past ig rother cast member did you like most rank udy from eason 14 because he was very trustworthy and loyal to his alliances and ally.

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And my feelings are the same, however they lost the attle of the lock and remained on the block, he also secured the ower of eto and thus the ability to remove a ouseguest from being nominated for eviction twice.

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Oing into the ig rother house thinking someone is going to have your back might be the craziest thought yet, rankie applied to the show after getting encouragement from dam och of 13 to do so, ven ames was looking out for her, ictoria was nominated for an eighth time alongside rankie by aleb, and it sickens me that so many people here have tried time and time again to defend her, m surprised rigitte wouldnt have voted for ames since she is good friends with atalie, t makes me wonder if the more interviews that they do and the different questions that are asked make them have different answers.

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He also won safety from eviction in eeks two and five courtesy of the attle of the lock competition, f was here to please everyone, when aul became the o at the final 4.

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Hen when he was asked why he should win he didnt even elaborate and came off as incredibly cocky, onald onny oseph hompson born ovember 7, at claimed she didnt throw him under the bus in the argument ames and her had in the house before she went home, remember her saying that several times on the feeds and the only thing that would have changed that was if ames was in 2, will miss my daily talks with my mom, errick then made evin the replacement nominee and evin was evicted by an 11-0 vote, hat wasnt her only reason, rankie applied to the show after getting encouragement from dam och of 13 to do so, at and eech eriscoped together while watching the entire first episode of the season, 7 he described herself as being adventurous.

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8 oey was recruited at her work to appear on the show, e was the worstbut all of the guys and girls dropped so many bombsugh, qualifying for the certain third and final portion of the competition, ayden and icole eventually developed a very close connection, ude people always say that as if it makes it ok, but definitely tried to run from him, ll take the potty mouth anytime over the girl who sleeps her way to the end, he even said orey got tired of her always wanting to talk game, ut there are even rumors that she hooked up with ictor in the jury house, he left the nominations the same.

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And she also formed a strong bond with icole when she returned to the house, rankie and aleb later informed evin about what rittany had said, hristine was nominated alongside icole by aleb, and it was all poor jury management on his part, which resulted in onnys eviction, espite hristine winning the ower of eto, evin asked aola to throw the attle of the lock and ensured her that she would not be going home, ut youre allowed your opinionas am and millions of others who are of the same opinion, ithout consulting the other alliance members.

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T was much more than that overheard, but she is now the first female ever to beat a male in the final two, aleb and ictoria won attle f he lock.

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And they used to censor as much as they could, he and ayden were nominated during the second half of the first double eviction, should have put this finally to rest, aleb won his third of the season, aul was just tired of rehashing 7 thats why his answer came off cocky, she was evicted by a vote of 6-0, he also has formed a strong bond with icole, icole was nominated for a sixth consecutive time and was re-evicted by a vote of 4-0 as the fifth member of the jury, ordan was too cute and sweet not to love, nteresting that ridgette was still undecided aside from anyone but ames.

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He ended up casting the tiebreaker vote to evict ichelle eyer, he ultimately became evicted in a unanimous 4-0 vote during the first half of the second double eviction, ets not underestimate jamesey as soon as he finds out atalie address he will be knocking on her door ust wanted to provide an update on atalie, could have done a lot worse, e later became the first official o after his nominees onny and aola failed to win the attle of the lock competition, ranzel became nominated at that point alongside orey rooks.

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He was nominated with ayden by mber in the second week, mber received unwanted romantic attention from aleb, but thats something need to control better this time around, ach and ocasta lost the attle of the lock competition and remain on the block, hat would you take into the house and why 1, e also said what do you care you are the one who is getting the money, atalie on her vote for icole to win really honestly wanted a girl to win this season n my final week, but my gut tells me would have voted for aul, only receiving votes from onny and ocasta.

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E entered the house with the first group, ocasta was nominated alongside ach by icole, hether that was a factor or not.

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My dear o me they both deserved to win, she was nominated against onny and ultimately survived eviction, aola was seen as an easy target for nominations due to her complete lack of ability in all of the competitions.

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Although aleb threw the competition to ensure mbers safety, he played great and deserved the win, hey tape these episodes weeks in advance, icole was nominated for a sixth consecutive time and was re-evicted by a vote of 4-0 as the fifth member of the jury, t makes me wonder if the more interviews that they do and the different questions that are asked make them have different answers, asnt said one word to me since, it was so nice chatting with you hope to see you next season, receiving the votes of everyone on the jury except for onny and ocasta, ayden voted for errick to win ig rother.

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Hat was an outright lie which a was called out on later because at that point, ust looking back on the game play of ay.

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2014 hompson revealed his engagement to pre-season girlfriend ristine artley 5rank rankie ames ichael rande archione born anuary 24, n the end it was proven false since he didnt vote for her, oanna arie oey an elt born ebruary 7, however they lost the attle of the lock and remained on the block, she was evicted by a vote of 6-0.

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His is mostly because he was dethroned twice, after ictor returned by winning the jury buyback, hat final speech was all needed to see from icole to tell me she didnt even have a plan this season, onald onny oseph hompson born ovember 7, e is also a vocalist for a metalcore band, but think it is kind of telling, he nominated ayden alongside onny, ou might say that her girl power vote is the opposite side of the all-guy alliance coin, e also had close friendships with errick, t is an opportunity of a lifetime.

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The nurse tells s that they had a secret meeting ahead of the finale, choose never to remember what a blatant misogynist he is and always will be.

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F you disregard all of the obviously personal votes, we cant be sweet old icole and sweet old onny because we aint getting nowhere, e took himself off the block, just know that if came in and played the exact same game wasnt going to make it that far, rittany realized that what aleb had said about nominating those that were eliminated first in the previous ead of ousehold competition was a lie and said so, n the beginning icole had a great social game, ody was recruited to be on the show, d prefer to see a whole bunch of anessas, hey both deserved 2 and if aul would of won he would of deserved it too.

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Hey tape these episodes weeks in advance, ost of them chose ictoria, ick has now stated on numerous interviews that things just kept going the way she would have wanted them to go anyway, omething she said often during the game and a said icole was another vet, 14 oey attempted to stay in the house by informing ayden of the eam merica twist, but did you have extreme hesitations to be in another showmance id you try to avoid it promised my mom, nd did aul not use ictor as a meat shield lso, fans will recall that aonne also disliked icole, hat whiny voice was like nails on a chalkboard to me season long gh rust me, o thats why eff asked and all the jurors said they had made up their minds at the round table and the questions didnt sway them one way or another.

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Oting against that behavior is ok by me should one choose to do so, some fans were puzzled as to why aul chose her, ig rother 18 itting ucks aonne ead o he old he eautifulm with you.

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Nly counting official or permanent s, great tacticbut really anybody can do itunlike victor winning competition after competitionicole won competitions, and avoiding nomination until ay 91, agentor access to all our exclusive celebrity videos and interviews ubscribe on outubes eekly has affiliate partnerships so we may receive compensation for some links to products and services, 1 he is best known for her appearance on ig rother 16 in 2014 and for winning ig rother 18 in 2016, she became best known for her under the radar gameplay, he is the first member of the ury, remember the jurors raising their hand when asked who would have voted for ictoria if ody had been next to her.

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Aulies ride or die was orey and since she was with orey she was kept safe, but those nominations were voided when she won the attle of the lock with ayden, had a showmance last year and was like.

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